ASH Teaching Cases are a widely-used educational resource among hematology instructors and medical students. These popular learning tools are now available on ASH Academy with a new look and more visually-interactive format. Enhancements include improved compatibility with mobile devices, and a convenient option for learners to keep track of their progress toward completion in one or more cases even when logging out and back in to ASH Academy over multiple site visits. Please visit ASH Academy to access the Teaching Cases, and update your bookmarks to the new location.

A small number of cases have not yet been migrated to the new format. These can continue to be accessed below.

Abdominal Pain and Anemia in a Child (Allison King, MD, MPH and John DiPersio, MD, PhD)
A 4 y/o male with Hemoglobin SS is admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain and fever.

Fever and Petechiae in an Infant (James Harper, MD)
A 17-month-old male is admitted to the hospital with a two week history of fever (T max 104) and a two day history of rash on his legs.

Fever, Cough, Back Pain and Fatigue (Robert A. Kyle, MD, and Michael Tomasson, MD)
A 65-year-old woman developed progressive fatigue approximately 6 months ago and is now admitted with a sudden onset of fever, shaking chills and productive cough.

Surgical Bleeding (Lisa Arfons, MD and Alvin Schmaier, MD)
A 62-year-old female is in the recovery room after a thrombectomy. Her attending is concerned about the amount of blood draining from her chest tubes.

Thrombocytopenia (Terry Gernsheimer, MD and Michele B. Frank, MD)
A 23 y/o female complains of a rash on her ankles and shins and easy bruising.

Many of these cases were originally developed for use at the authors’ institutions, and ASH thanks these authors for making their cases available to a much wider audience. Members of the ASH Committee on Educational Affairs review each case before it is posted online.

All teaching cases are copyright of the American Society of Hematology. ISSN: 1931-6860.

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